September 17, 2021
When choosing a vehicle, we know looks aren’t everything, but they still count for something! Here are a few things to keep an eye out for when buying a preowned vehicle:
  • Body work, paint job, car frame: Look out for scratches, dents and rust on the surface of the car. These can be minor but could cost a considerable amount to fix and that is something to take into account. 
  • Windshield, lights, rear view and side view mirrors: Are there cracks on the windshield? Do the headlights seem foggy or discolored? Are the rear view and side view mirrors clear and working correctly? All of these things are minor but need to be in good working condition! 
  • Wheels and tires can be a considerable amount to fix so always check each wheel for dents, and make sure they’re not bent. Take a look at the tires, too, to make sure they don’t need to be replaced before you buy the car. When test driving make sure to pay attention to the way the tires feel on the road. 
While it’s much more important to buy a car that’s mechanically sound, serious problems on the outside—like a rear bumper held together by duct tape or massive rust stains on the car door—can tell you a lot about how the owner treated the car. You want to make sure to be thorough when inspecting and ask the dealer what repairs they did to the vehicle and what they found. Happy Hunting!! 
August 27, 2021
Great news for today’s buyers! The quality of modern cars is better than ever. Even a vehicle that’s several years old can have plenty of life left in it. 
According to Kelly Blue Book here are the top 5 used cars to buy that are under $5,000! 
1. The Pontiac Vibe: This car  is stylish, affordable, and roomy. The Vibe’s hard plastic cargo floor and 115-volt outlet make it perfect for people with active lifestyles.
2. 2008 Mazda Mazda3: Sharp styling and road-hugging handling are standard, as is a long list of uncommon options such as DVD navigation and Bose audio!
3. 2004 Lexus ES 350: If you want a lot of luxury at a reasonable price, this might be the car for you. You also get the proven dependability of a Lexus product.
4. 2008 Scion xB: A 4-door car that comes with loads of standard features. With fold-flat rear seats and lots of cargo space, the xB works for people with a small family. 
5. 2011 Kia Soul: is a funky alternative to low-cost economy cars. It's a well-equipped, surprisingly roomy hauler that offers good fuel economy and fits just about anywhere.
There are several other wonderful options that can fit your budget and needs. Come see us today to see how we can help you get into your new car! 
August 20, 2021
Have you been wanting to buy a car but are finding it hard to find any- let alone one you like? You might have noticed that people are paying above list price and are having to drive (sometimes out of state) to get the new car they want. There is a global shortage in semiconductor chips. These are necessary components of newer vehicles and this has caused production of new cars to slow way down. Even if you are not wanting a new car, this shortage has caused people to run to the used car dealership. 
If you are in need of a car now, here are some tips to find what you're looking for...
1. Don’t go to the car lot expecting to make the same deal you would have pre-pandemic. Research what a good deal looks like in this current climate. 
2. Have a local dealer watch out for the make and model you want. When you partner with a local dealer, give them your budget, and let them know you're a serious buyer; many times they can find what you need at auction. 
3. Be ready to move quickly when you find the one you like. If you're hesitant you stand a good chance to miss out with the current climate of the auto market.  
4. Don't get too picky about brand or color- focus on the value of the cars at hand. 
We know these can mean a lot to some, so if that is you, let us know if we can help. Patience all around will help with finding your perfect match. 


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